For my series Disposable, I wanted to take a closer look at the relationship between animals and humans. I feel in the United States especially, there is a strong belief that humans sit atop the food chain and dominate the global economy. The series is titled Disposable because I feel animals especially in the United States completely lack value as a living thing. I incorporate this idea in the series by photographing common American foods focusing on meat. I broadened this concept by including animal shaped food. Looking at how we further commodify animals by shaping them into food marketed towards children, ingraining the idea that animals are created to be eaten and then discarded. To further the concept I also purchased all of the food at my local Dollar Tree, a discount store.

These compositions are meant to be unsettling, I want the viewer to take a closer look at these ordinary settings, and maybe see something they haven’t before. Overall, I want these images to be intimate portraits that show more than discarded bodies, and convey the lack of morality in waste, and in having the luxury to waste things. Everything in this series is a contrast between moral values. Raising the question, “What’s on your plate?”