For my series Earth, I explore the natural and urban landscape. This series examines how the elements and principles of design are present in the world around us and how light shapes our perception. Most of my images are magnified landscapes or “macro”images that give a simplified view of reality. When looking through the viewfinder I am drawn to the elements and principles of design and with my compositions, arrange them in a way that highlights my view of the world. I am also very drawn to shadows and reflections, and the ways in which they add dimension to my work and redefine space.
         I have a deep connection to the natural landscape and feel it will always be present in my work. Growing up in northern Michigan, I harbored an inherent appreciation for the natural landscape. My journey as an artist began by exploring the world around me using the camera as binoculars to explore hidden worlds. As I’ve moved numerous times over the years, discovering my surroundings has been an integral part of making anywhere feel like home. Discovering the world around me through the viewfinder reminds me that there is beauty everywhere. As I’ve moved to more urban landscapes, I’ve started to look for beauty in man-made structures and environments. For this series, I wanted to look at all aspects of nature, and explore not only the natural world but also the urban landscape. As I started to examine these two facets of our world I discovered that they are not as separate as they seem or as easy to define. The structures humans have built and the nature around them are not separate but woven together. For Earth, I wanted to capture this duality. All of the images are from my general meanderings and express my all-encompassing devotion to preserving the natural environment. 
           Overtime, I’ve begun to notice my images have become more about how humans have impacted the environment: how we are continually reshaping it, what we leave behind and sometimes what we attempt to preserve. I am continually amazed by nature’s resilience, and wanted to capture life in all seasons and life prevailing in areas with high human traffic. Overall, this series captures the beauty and sometimes hardships of the natural and urban landscape. Not only exploring the duality of these two settings but also the impact humans have on the environment. With Earth, I want to convey that beauty is all around us, but often remains unnoticed.